I've decided i would buy my dads and moms a guard doggy... I'm going by using a Giant Schnauzer.... I figure ?t's going to keep my pop busy (walking her) and protect their property. Another plus is without a doubt my daughter can play in it when we draw her over. It will be around $, and i'll buy my dad something card from petco (a pair hundred$), so he won't really have to worry about acquiring food. He's become to make sure you sedentary in his retirement, I think this is good for your ex. I love great schnauzer to fatality but she barks with everything which is normally annoying. Schnauzers really are great all choices... They bark a rediculous amount of. Very protective and additionally loyaldude go go for a rescue dog stop learning to be a d bagHELL basiy no, I don't want a role pit bull mongrelpit bulls will be great dogs guy. They get a poor rap but they are simply so loyal not to mention friendlyUntil they split your arm offCome onPitbulls is a dumb breed... basiy no thanks. I for example intelligence in pups. This is empiriy falsePit bulls are a portion of the smartest dogs across the world. It's their homeowners that sometimes own pea brains. Document agree. Pit bull owners are ignorant. Pit bulls formerly were highly thought for in this united states because people in those days weren't pussies like they're just now. Everyone wants a fabulous lap dog for the reason that they're too misinformed to properly deal with a pit. pitbulls were meant for bull baiting gradually dog fighting... doesn't take much intelligence towards. Herding dogs as well as police dogs can be better. Ghetto many people ruined the dog Staffordshire terriers are all very reputable dogs out certainly, there. The American Pitbull is mostly a hybrid. I possess a staffordshire and he's really good with people. The person doesn't care a whole lot for other most dogs, but so the things? Which dog breed bites probably the most humans? I'll having a hint, it ain't pitbulls.

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With regards to Hugo Chavez's golden grab News Adventure on subject: As i understand it, almost all of the gold Chavez would like pull back so that you can Venezuela is tonnes, worthy of $, held in London while using Bank of The united kingdom and JP Morgan, Barclays, along with Bank Of Nova Scotia. This can be gold deposits, not simply rented space at a vault, so as a good bank, most about this gold has ended up loaned out, and is also right now a considerable asset providing the actual EU with debt stability. Chavez is essentially at home run on the bank during a period when the EU banks are weakest. Chavez is also saying when ed he'll be converting most nearly everyof Venezuela's deposits for US dollars, and Euros to make sure you gold or converting the crooks to foreign currencies just for deposit in European and Chinese loan providers; in effect another powered by the bank. Pretty much everything is expected to take the at least 8 weeks and will generate a devastating financial tsunami in Western financial institutions. My question is normally: will Chavez payday loan this gold out or maybe hoard it? Is he accomplishing this to destroy a capitalist West or to provide a get rich plan? He's smarter when compared to most think. He knows the guy can use this situation in the form of weapon against the actual global economy, playing with particular, the current economic climate of his npcs. Yeah, I understand the next CIA governing instability initatives happening in South america moving from the center east... And absolutely yes, chavez is more elegant than Washington gives you him credit with regard to.

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Lunchtime was Fiberby using a scoop of vanilla meat powder and skim milk. Now having iced coffee where you work. Couple of small to medium sized raves: # - Concerning completely followed my easton hockey jacket easton hockey jacket best meal plan this week and did not spent ANY extra cash on coffee/chai and / or lunches. Woohoo! # - DH and additionally I were doing nothing last night and I flexed my arm and stated to him to experience. He reached over and begun to say (before this individual even touched our bicep), "Cool. " He then actually felt and sounded really amazed when he said, "Oh, whoa, geez! Superior job! ": o) This weekend shall be chores, errands, tranquil, maybe a dvd movie, and of course, meal planning and food shopping. Starting Couch to make sure you k on Thursday morning... E-mail, Post, Fax? I frequently email my curriculum vitae cool furniture kid cool furniture kid to ads. And I mail if there's an address or I seriously want the occupation. But if the ad also provides a FAX number, should I also FAX my resume to them? Is this the best method? What think is the best method? Once is sufficiently The resume audience is giving you either ways to submit based yourself preference or benefit, not creating a few hoops for yo del taco recipe del taco recipe u to ultimately jump through. Thank you so much Thank you for ones response. That is a superb way of viewing it. I need to make sure they stimulate it, and I wouldn't have a fax machine here, but wanted to guarantee just mailing it can be enough. Thank You will.: ).

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Crazee is definitely intelligent poster? Once his successful trade, he changed this name from "lurker" for you to "You_are_all_my _bitches" in order to "manhattan_eric" to "Crazee_Trader" Does this could be seen as a sane person back? elect.... KingMoneyNYC...... head within the SEC! that has to be madoff's job very seriously, that smart man really should not rotting in penitentiary doing nothing, he should be accountable for SEC when When i read American history about the man first appointed into the agency (that I believe FDR created) That i thought... hmmm, shrewd, set a thief to catch a fabulous thief so arrange an office intended for Bernie, let him audit somethingall Madoff managed was spend other's money. perhaps although make a wonderful bullshit detector.... among the many wheelers and agents. I don't think so don't think that was "all he did" gentleman was active in various prestigious positions for decades if I was accountable for stuff, I will not let his amazing mind rot aside doing nothing, We'd set that man to your workplace... Yea, true, assistance programs were the day. any irksome thing is I was alive instruction online the day and my life was effected by way of the shenanigans of typiy the wall streeters although at the moment, I was uninformed of the link well, that's unquestionably changing, but is not going to effect how what exactly they do to the street effects gaming which is miles away from the street the street is magnetic, its getting people tipped from wherever they ended up... this may be considered a bad thing or how to attract good for the street -- time might tell metals products trading About recently I sold certain property, taking selling point of the bubble. I've invested many of it in gold and silver coins and foreign stock markets, and I'm thinking I would really prefer to try exchanging, perhaps in futures, potentially in mining equities. I'm wondering if there's anyone out presently there with similar interest--perhaps a couple heads together is usually better than 1. I'm weak regarding technical analysis, superior on research and fundamentals. Maybe gatherings in Camb/Somerville area. No spam or simply vendors please!

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Hurricane Andrea the subsequent Sandy? Its path is normally funning right up the east coast againno hurricane, the FL the weather stations are nuts over a big thunderstormsure sounds like another SandyThat precipitation We got little or no rain from S authentic restaurant recipes authentic restaurant recipes andy through NJ. Dood I am in the centre right now, Andrea can be a normal hawaii's warm storm with very low wind speed Uk please DO not skills many others run across this but seems a number of recent ads experience required spanish speaking if he does not only at at a minimum needed- seems there needs to be a separate listing for that jobs that wont hire english exclusively people why misuse our time taking a look at ads that for tail end say really need to speak spanish or will not appplyWhy don't you learn to articulate Spanish? oil buck! Dude, we all of the have tickers, many of us knowi don't dispatch me a linkhere's the ticker link.... I favor the chart in the front page listed here I can diagnostic scan the headlines when I'm there. not only a dude; not a legal practitioner not worth response toYAWN-wake me the moment itsOk, I shall do that on Monday. LOL! Excellent.

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Excellent just gets more painful for Bear Stearns If nobody would trade with them in the least, they are going to need huge amounts of cash so they just aren't going so as to get it. The Fed and JP Morgan financing them money is likely to delay things but allow it to become worse if them can't turn elements around and I have no concept how they should turn things all-around if people just won't cope with them. Everyone would want to tear their money out now in addition. And then they needs to unload what they've already at current markets prices and ones own existing counter persons will all become whacked... it will not be a pretty .

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I merely dropped a deuce on the I always print out lots of stuff before I head inside. The printer can be found right next on the bathroom so I just pick it up and head on in. Feels great to feel a whole lot lighter afterwards. I saw the thread here recently about people being angry at some people for dropping a deuce on the company lavatory. Take your heads through your ass. If you'll want to pass waste, cross it. Dont let anyone explain it is completely wrong. Shut up DeBunker! Please operate the air freshenerReminds me from the Software Co I worked at maybe in the past. Had maybe employees andtoilet for men with out kind of janitorial staff visiting daily. That was an awful bathroom... looked like folks just pressed their legs contrary to the stall to keep on themselves feet in the air and let it fall everywhere over the toilet seat.

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You think Zuck's mill can pay off or isF could have a huge IPO It offers things going because of it. Incredible marketing info on people. A low interest rate environment which creates bubblesI presume it'll get decided to buy out by Microsoftit's not making hardly any money and it's technologyF happens to be profitable for a hard timethen why do not it IPO way back when? Because the stock market has been around the crapperIPO roadshow has not been uk cricket shirts uk cricket shirts well was cannedDo any Bing search FFSI don't observe how it's profitable didn't m fail in the identical manner?

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WSJ poll pronounces most dont blame to the econ the bastion in Republican news:; _ylt=AigP_BiTRXzNBKNYzqYWsA; _ylu=XoDMTEYRZmBHBvcwMxMgRzZWMDdGwURvcmllcwRzbGsDYWlcmljYWzZG? sec=topStoriespos=asset=ccode=GOP is just not making a great case and the country' choc truffle recipe choc truffle recipe s intransigence on misusing money on wars and military shouldn't help its condition either. most men and women are idiotstoday's GOP can get its inspiration through deep south their policies should ruin america much like slave-owner's bullshit destroyed the south cardio. uh north initiated the war given that they couldn't compete by means of slaverytheir industrial may crushed the to the like anot quite, it was shedding off major revenue towards the south because there is very little comparison to servant labor. Use your brain dummy.

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