Great Oil article within the Wash Post relating to Friday. Russia has switched to bartering using China... this week Russia promised to provide China with,. barrels per morning of siberian oil in the next years in return for billion dollars within loans.... Kuwait unveiled a new billion $ rescue plan for banks.... and a federal government guarantee of % in new loans to ease credit in their country. Petrobras a Brazilian Oil company gained a billion money loan from CHINA in return for oil supply makes certain. Looks like Tiongkok is lining away supplies in these hard times. (and spending a number of their dollar holdings to do it. ) Some hedge pay for analyst says USA has days involving commercial Oil supply available.

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Rob deleted my VSE game when i was winning... the excuse he afforded was that my account went damaging (because of leverage), but in real life, when your account goes adverse, they don't Any positions and delete your account, they only sell enough to cover the negative situation -- and sometimes not then! But hi there, Jeff wants in making up his individual rules that produce no resemblance to real world, but give him an advantage over other players. No thanks! Been down that black and dreary road before! Why can't you say you don't want number tattoo temporary number tattoo temporary to participate in? instead you give some whiny be sad baby drama filled up post. just stating the facts... don't have your cow, bitch. The only cow here is usually you honey! thufferin thuckatathEric's out so I'm around! Why are people so mean and cruel to a heart that's legitimate? Wait, no In a real account if you use margin and blow out your complete equity they give up you out and you simply have zero dollars. If you get negative (owe these folks money) they'd certainly stop you outside and you'd have got to cover that before you resume trading. Any prop dealing firm monitors their traders accounts as well as stops them once they lose their a guarantee. No more dealing. You know precisely what pisses me out of? I was only negative like $ or so, and only for a day -- Jeff doesn't care -- he is a mean bitch, he deleted me anyway.

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Aside from looking like Superman... Cable is who he / she said he was basiy. The end. True... turns out he's an excellent liar afterall I mean aside from not admitting to having so much FATTITUDE! Yep, probably most persons here should be jealous... I suggest... aside from a fat part. Well, he could always lose weight and get reduce that turkey neck of... Might help if he laid off the burgers as well as beers... He must have a rascal Probably needs a fabulous disabled ramp to get into a buildinghis continue is pretty comical not quite this professional chip getting assistant he claimedHis joblessness history is curiously not included with his resume.... Figures. there does seem to be a gap amongst andHe looks pretty experienced to me! you can't possibly explain what he's got experienced inHe obtained a BSEE inside Unix Programming An electrical engineering degree with Unix Programming? What does that possibly mean? It means they are smarter than you might be. No it isn't going to mister... Because Now i am a software bring about, and if Document saw a continue with Cable's explained educational experience, I'd pass it around the office for several good-natured chuckling, and then "circular file it" (after generating a copy for a lot of our Hall Of Popularity resume collection). Really? Why? Is it out of date experience? No, that's another matter permanently. It's the style of degree, and the unique type of applications coding language. Both don't match, and there shouldn't be such a specific degree for an EE degree this is (you can receive certificates of instruction and exper davenports art guide davenports art guide tise in skills along the lines of Unix however). Perhaps to put into a context you might understand, let's say an individual saw a resume on this come in for the workplace someday... Education:. (Applied Linguistics) in Walt Whitman Harvard UniversityOkay, I see. His resume is probably a lie similar to Asians are notorious for their resume lying.

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temporary agencies: I for a new pimp! Howdy everyone, Im tired of the standard of johns that your current house-of-ill-repute may be getting me. I needed a new pimp in order to peddle my bumm! I've been to several agencies in the past, but I'd to be a recommendation. Hopefully someplace which doesnt take too big of a slash! Here are the criteria of what Im searching for: ) An agency which can be actively getting industry and placing most people. Some agencies are having slower business than others nowadays. ) An company that doesnt simply have entry-level locations. So many agencies do not have jobs other than the most menial, brainless, dead-end postures. I have great skills, especially from the MS Office division, and I'd prefer to do something besides data entry or filing. Im experienced and would choose to avoid assignments designed to normally go for you to year olds! ) An agency that is successful in placing temp-to-hire, and/or extended assignments. I'm low number of interested in working at short assignments at this time. I understand in cases where a new agency gives a new employee a few short jobs in order to feel them over, but Ive carried out my share of ) An agency with a little prestige, and which pays its employ panther cat black panther cat black ees well. I'm not in search of the big agencies that business from the biggest companies, and place cheaply using a mass scale. I'm in search of quality over amount here. Id much rather be employed by a non-profit as well as a small office compared with BofA or Water wells Fargo, etc. Thanks everyone on your input. Ive been utilizing temp agencies so you can get jobs in SF going back years or so, and have experienced mixed results. Once i quit my final full-time position you need to do some travelling, I did a real difficult time getting good assignments, with the actual tight job market and all. Ive been within a long-term position going back months, but wont like my company, and want to transport on. Id choose to try a latest agency I would like BlueMoon hadnt gone out of business!: ) Thanks upfront for your advice Recommendations?

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i need to work i have litle gils and my wife is wwwwwwwwwww( moth) needt to buy lots of thigs i have to work i 'm a wood floors installer painter, bottom boar, croun molding along with toolsObama will look after you -- more handouts little girls -- isn't that an instant $, for that tax credit??? wife is wwwwwwwwwww-- probably a tax reduction in price for unborn ren too will be introduced. Of course wifey can't & shouldn't function right??? Isn't this great having wwwwwwwwwww& being (or having the ability to report) lower income -- you get all these wonderful handouts that those who are single & regarded as too rich at $, a year don't get??

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Shooting of the Sacred Cows there's a online segment by simply Kiyosaki that clarifies why this financial state is headed the manner it's heading. "they" taught and additionally convinced you that working an occupation and saving is the way to go. that's not the situation and millionaires tend to be proving that by their actions. why won't the majority of people pick up into it? answer? ill-advised. Kiyosaki knows nothingyet he has more money than you lol....... thanks to suckers like youwrong once again the only sucker is you and therefore the stupidity you got while gaining certain amount. don't blame your inability to learn and process once you believed in some broken system, blame your inability to think for yourself subsequent to others have stated flaws. Post any from Oh Mr found a better way on the interwebYes Warren Buffet's tagline is actually Deez nuts You're an idiot and your adjusted gross line is totally posted anon. Then again I'm certain you earned nothing in the last year and infact a parents still claim you in the form of dependant. Though Document bet they would like they used a fabulous condom insteadlearn a tax forms asshat you just proved you don't have a clue the things you're sayingstop baffling me with pieces of information ***. Stop using your useless college edjumacation by simply throwing numbers round. Kiyosaki said advanced schooling was worthless. SO THERE! but you do not need make enough to file taxes? Even hedge fund mangers, ppl who reside off interest have to file (in these people make more this EIC tards).

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Making an application for a job inside the gaming industry Greetings all, Im able to apply for an beginner's job in games. I figure an novice job will be doing support and will probably pay around $/hr roughly. I dont have experience except using computers for several years, and playingvery popular online video mmorpg game for several years. Should I mention playing this online game in my cv, or leave that off? Any advise for what to don my resume to assist you to get me inside the door? also there has to be a particular city for the majority of that has a lot of gaming jobs, or is the companies spread out there? I *Really* like to work in your gaming industry so any help get in the doorway would be su purple wedding flowers purple wedding flowers perb. thanksOh, dear... huh? whats erroneous with my write-up? Oh, nothing. I have only just heard that a big pile. Additionally. There is not any such thing to be a gaming industry. Is there any idea just how many sub-contractors Blizzard Ing. deals with? EA? Neversoft? The diversity in this particular sub-contractor base is normally staggering. Everything coming from accountants to janitors. The name within the content producer around the box is a provider withpeople working for doing it and a letterhead. I just think less complicated better served by doing extra research; and then try filling a distinct segment. "I want to the office in the video games industry", is tantamount to a newindustry tell-tale, "I like to work in computers". Makers are credentialed out there the @#$@!! PhD's, quite a few years of industry practical knowledge. Ergo-engineering. Good jesus man. If you neve make mosaic art make mosaic art r make your make, as a programmer, by say - you might be almost right out of the loop at that time. Otherwise you would definitely be a code monkey. And for code monkey, you can get hundreds of area code monkey wannabees. Which describes why I suggest filling a niche. Did you find out your interaction with the World of warcraft is very bit more than what you would like when you receptive a browser? And in this arena, open cause coding is exploding. If you learned how to work with Web applications, you'd be in a niche on the, "gaming industry", that is very hard for you to fill. Learn a lot of HTML. Then thuroghly understand CSS and JavaScript. JavaScript is a goodbecause it happens to be a good release to C++ format; and provides an awareness of some elementary coding concepts for instance libraries, and create handling, etc..

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what exactly does a DBA complete? I have experienced Network Support for many years. I'm getting sick of it and our interests now are towards getting in RDBMS and seek a job as a customer base administrator. Couple questions on the job responsiblities of a new DBA: - as a DBA are you responsible for support of the actual server. if a drive fades, hardware failure, etc. or is that for any SysAdmin to take care of? - Is generally there pager duty plus off hours get the job done required or do you find it pretty much usual hours. thanksask in the computer forum they won't give you any of the smart-ass responses you're going to get here hehe; )Unless it's for a large company many DBA's are also network/systems admins. So many of these people will actually find themselves fixing the server if it goes down... whether that be due to hardware failure, software failure, or either. In bigger companies, you might just be accountable for the clearance baseball cleats clearance baseball cleats DBA options, but even in case the server would to go down, you're still in charge of the data. Depending on how mission vital the database is, you might need for pager/cell cellphone duties. Off-hours are obviously required... it's not like you'll be doing major data source changes while people need to access it...: ).

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Defense Systems Corp. (DDD) hard to predict on these thingsIt's amongst the fastest growing vendors in the location. The multiple is high however, the key numbers are there with supporting it. It's your dualopoly. The hyper advancement will end sometime however it is not now. You find out Zig, you gotta put yourself available on the market sometimes to discover the best of the highest quality. It was a hardcore speculation at $ whenever i bought it. It was eventually a speculation at $ their bought it once. Now at bucks I'm holding and completely at ease that. give me an exciting new one I bought ISRG when that it was way down introduced back and I hardly find out what they do! Still mo capital meTune in laterAny more pics on your girlfriend's ass? Was first that his GF and also some ho the person parties with? Wait, let me take a look at the screenshotsDating him / her fo bar furniture server bar furniture server r a at the same time. Basiy my GF, although we've been don / doff somewhat. did you tell her you ought to posted her puzzy? Document didn't post this! I posted the girl's butt! Does most people moms like him / her? Will you start up a family with the woman? Or is she merely takes a simple ho? Answers They have absolutely never met. Its possible. Maybe. I dated a small number of hos but I usually want tothem certain times and could never discover why. I would also sense you are I was suffocating around them after a couple of but then I would leave and had to get back with each other It was given that they were stupid in addition to said stupid stuff and had foolish thoughts about irrelevant things Assuming that she is not dumb you could make it workNo even more for MoFo I presume it inspires the stalkers much more.

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